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Final of S.East Young Start-up Talent initiative

30th September 2020

At the start of the year, Mario Carrozzo, our Group CEO, and Akeel Alidina, our Managing Director, took part in an annual speed-networking event in Crawley for Young Start-up Talent (YST), an entrepreneurial initiative in the South East. YST is a community-based…

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The Observer

28th September 2020

Last week, we were contacted by a journalist, Rowan Moore, writing an article for The Observer about Permitted Development Rights.We fully co-operated and provided responses to the journalist’s questions, most of which were about historic events that…

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The changing landscape of the PRS post COVID-19

30th July 2020

Mario Carrozzo, CEO of Caridon Group, has proved that troubled times can stimulate innovation, because out of necessity comes inspiration and this can lead to positive change. So, in this unprecedented situation we currently find ourselves, with fears…

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Caridon Property supports the scale-up of Housing First

23rd July 2020

Notwithstanding the misery and suffering caused by COVID-19, a glimmer of positivity has emerged in the form of a united commitment with Homeless Link to end homelessness. With major new investment in move-on housing and support announced by Government…

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Changes to Permitted Development Rights

22nd July 2020

On 21 July 2020, the Government confirmed new permitted development right (PDR) rules that will enable property owners to progress with upward extensions on detached blocks of purpose-built flats without planning permission. They will also allow developers…

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Mario Carrozzo joins The Human Experience Podcast

6th July 2020

As the World tiptoes back to the new ‘normal’ following the global pandemic, there are fears that the fall-out of COVID-19 could cause the worst global recession since World War II. However, troubled times can often stimulate innovation, because out of…

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The COVID-19 cliff edge for homelessness

5th June 2020

There are currently three levels of support for someone facing homelessness; emergency accommodation, temporary housing and social housing. When an individual finds themselves street homeless, local authorities will sometimes offer emergency accommodation…

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Mario Carrozzo joins Kizzi Nkwocha for The Naked Property Investor podcast

4th June 2020

This week, our CEO Mario Carrozzo had the pleasure of being interviewed by Kizzi Nkwocha for The Naked Property Investor podcast.Having started in the property industry aged just 18, Mario has learnt many valuable lessons throughout his career, but today…

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Big Issue (28th May 2020) - The COVID-19 cliff edge for homelessness

28th May 2020

There has been much focus recently on Westminster’s success in effectively ending mass rough sleeping.As coronavirus gripped, more than 5,400 people were moved from the streets and into hotels, B&Bs and other emergency accommodation to protect them from…

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