Caridon Property helps distribute food ration packs to those most in need

23rd April 2021

Caridon Property would like to say a huge thank you to Croydon Council, the Ministry of Defence and FareShare for donating food ration packs to us. These are now being distributed by staff from the not-for-profit arm of our business, Caridon Foundation, to those most in need.

FareShare is a national organisation that is fighting hunger and food waste by redistributing surplus food to frontline charities. FareShare has redistributed enough food for 57 million meals to vulnerable people – that’s 24,074 tonnes of food that otherwise would have been wasted.

The Ministry of Defence use ration packs for the army when they are out on exercise and recently, through collaborating with MOD and FareShare, Croydon Council has been using the packs to provide meals to people living in hostels who need to self-isolate because the food is easy to prepare without access to shared kitchen facilities.

The packs have a mixture of foods, including full meals and snacks, and each pack contains around 4000 calories. The meals can be heated in boiling water or can be eaten cold.

Last week, Croydon Council donated 400 of these surplus food ration packs to Caridon Property, who in turn has been able to work with Caridon Foundation, which helps vulnerable tenants and those as risk of homelessness, to arrange for distribution to those most in need.

Mario Carrozzo, CEO of Caridon Property said:

“We are extremely grateful for this initiative by MOD and FareShare, and to Croydon Council for thinking of us as an organisation who would be able to offer these packs to some of our homeless referrals most in need. Caridon Foundation Housing Officers, Ebenezer and Sibonwe alongside our very own Chris Blake, have donated their time to collect the boxes and package them up and have already started distributing them.

There are millions of people in the UK struggling to afford to eat and yet millions of tonnes of food is wasted every year. Caridon Property and Caridon Foundation not only fight to put a roof over peoples’ heads, but recognise how imperative it is that we ensure people have other basic necessities as well, so that they can take care of themselves properly and then start to rebuild their lives. 

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