Caridon Property unveils plans for ‘zen’ garden at Imperial Apartments

13th May 2021

As part of phase two of the development of Imperial Apartments in Bristol, Caridon Property has instructed work to commence this week on the construction of a ‘zen’ garden, offering residents a quiet, private outdoor space to relax.

Imperial Apartments was launched last year to help meet the varying housing needs of individuals and families across the city, as well as contribute to the range and supply of move-on accommodation for those at risk of homelessness in Bristol.

Caridon has already worked collaboratively with Bristol City Council to provide an on-site gym, IT facilities and, soon-to-be installed, indoor children’s play areas, coinciding with the relaxing of Covid-19 restrictions. However, recognising the importance of outdoor space on mental well-being, Caridon is also funding the 6-week project to build a zen garden, offering residents a relaxing place to sit, read or even take part in activities such as meditation or yoga.

Mario Carrozzo, CEO of Caridon Property said: “We continue to evolve our services towards being a holistic housing provider. This means not just helping to put a roof over someone’s head but providing the foundations to help them improve their overall quality of life. We are constantly looking for new ways to help people engage in a range of activities which will improve their personal and professional mindset, as well as encourage them to feel part of a community.

The zen garden is a vision we have had from the outset at Imperial Apartments. There are huge benefits to spending time outside and being around green spaces, increasing neurotransmitters that make people feel calmer and happier, as well as decreasing stress hormones. We are excited to unveil these plans and hope to have the project completed in the next six weeks.” 

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