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The Observer

28th September 2020

Last week, we were contacted by a journalist, Rowan Moore, writing an article for The Observer about Permitted Development Rights.

We fully co-operated and provided responses to the journalist’s questions, most of which were about historic events that have already been covered by other media outlets. The journalist noted his own

scepticism of PDR, but also acknowledged there were other sides to the story that he wished to explore. 

Whilst it is always disheartening to be the subject of negative media, on the whole we feel that the article was more balanced than previous articles about PDR and did reflect some, but not all, of our views. 

Media attention about PDR is rarely positive, nor does it often delve into the deeper underlying issues that underpin the housing crisis in this country or offer any viable alternatives or solutions. However, we remain confident that the work Caridon does within this challenging sector is not only necessary, but is making a positive difference by helping some people turn their lives around. We are continuously improving our offering and management, and remain fully focused and committed to continuing to provide essential housing and services to those in need.

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