Top Ten Property Specialists – Mario Carrozzo

20th May 2021

At the beginning of the year, our CEO Mario Carrozzo was named as one of the UK’s Top Ten Property Professionals for 2020, as voted for by The Property Investor Magazine and now you can read why he was selected HERE.

Off the back of a particularly challenging year for everyone everywhere, this was a wonderful and well-deserved accreditation to someone who has devoted is career not just to being a successful business professional, but to helping house and change other people’s lives for the better in the process.

The story of Mario’s personal journey to success is not always given the recognition it deserves, but his achievements so far and his ambition for the future have not gone unnoticed by The Property Investor.

You can listen to Mario’s Podcast with Kizzi Nkwocha HERE or read his story HERE.

Mario concludes:

“I have a wonderful team who work with me to ensure we go above and beyond our normal duties and obligations. We aim to help and house people who have faced barriers elsewhere, because I believe everyone should be able to strive for the same advantages in their future life, regardless of their past or present situation.”

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