Our Statement in response to BBC ONE SHOW

10th June 2019

“On Thursday night the BBC One Show aired a segment on Terminus House off the back of recent media controversy.

"While we facilitated both a guided tour of the building and an interview with the managing director of Caridon Property, the suggestion by the presenter the piece was 'set up' by Caridon in response to press criticism is completely false and untrue. The One Show had already started reaching out to residents of Terminus House before getting in contact with Caridon, when they asked to visit the building and speak with Caridon staff.

"Having visited Terminus House during the day, the presenter and crew then turned up late in the evening, and so were asked to leave out of respect for the privacy and security of residents.

"The majority of our residents in Harlow are law-abiding citizens either from the district and the surrounding area. For many, the alternative to a Caridon flat would be a room in a B&B or hostel, where they'd have less space, privacy and security, or street homelessness.

"Caridon as a business remains incredibly proud of the work we do in providing housing for key workers on low incomes or people who would otherwise be homeless. There is a housing crisis in this country and the only way to solve it is by building more homes of all types and tenures and embracing new ways of housing delivery, such as office-to-residential conversions."

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