How it works

The Caridon Property four-step programme to stress-free letting is designed to give you financial security and peace of mind.

Step One

You choose the length of contract. We can manage your property for anywhere between a year and five years, or longer if you choose. We will agree a monthly rent and guarantee it, which means you can plan ahead with confidence. Once the agreement is signed, we will become liable for your rent and effectively become your tenant, paying you an income even if the property is not let.

Step Two

We will source a suitable tenant and deal with all the required paperwork and formalities. We arrange the move in date, complete a full itinerary and ensure the property meets all the required regulations before the tenant occupies it.

Step Three

We will pay you a set rent every month whilst managing the tenancy. We will deal with any queries from the tenant and carry out general maintenance to the property. We will make repairs where appropriate (excluding structural building repairs) and address any regulatory issues should they arise.

Step Four

When the agreement comes to an end, we will ensure the tenant vacates the property and it is handed back to you in the same condition at the commencement of the agreement (excluding reasonable wear and tear).

Please contact us directly on 020 3307 0555 for more information. 

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