18th February 2019

Laura was born into a household of drinkers and subsequently lived a life of neglect until she was old enough to move out.

Unfortunately, her need to get away from her alcoholic mother led her to many abusive relationships, her mother is now in residential care with alcohol related dementia and her brother has liver failure from his addiction.

In 2009 Laura was gang raped and thrown on the street, she started drinking heavily as a mechanism for coping with her torrid life style.

In 2012 she turned to Crisis and was still drinking heavily and was placed in a women’s refuge. She left there only to fall into another abusive relationship and alcohol was her only escape.

In 2017 Laura reached out to Crisis again and was sent for a viewing at Stag House and on 02/08/2017 she got herself a real home of her own. Unfortunately, it wasn’t long until Laura found herself a drinking partner and she started to engage in antisocial behaviour, a section 21 was served and legal proceedings commenced.

In July 2018,1 month before the eviction, our Assistant Regional Manager Sarah Cave, who is very experienced in dealing with ASB issues, reached out to Laura, gave her a stiff talking to and advised her that we could help. We had 4 weeks before the bailiffs warrant was to be executed. She was frightened and didn’t want to be homeless. Sarah used the tools available to her, to support Laura and set up an ABA that included engaging with CGL. Laura was advised that we would have to see a big change in her behaviour and advised she could still drink but if it affected other residents there would be repercussions. The next 4 weeks were crucial and we implemented weekly follow up visits and took phone calls from Laura to support her when things got difficult. There were a lot of cross words over the 4 weeks. Caridon continued with legal possession but agreed to hold it in abeyance to give Laura the opportunity to change her behaviour and address her addiction. There have been a few moments when we thought Laura would not make it, however Sarah dedicated resources and time in helping this tenant, including visiting her and outlining her situation clearly and explaining the facts about the position she was in.

February 2019 – we are very pleased to report that Laura has just started to volunteer at Battersea Dogs and Cats Home. She has reached a point where she can have a drink and doesn’t need to drink excessively. She stated to our staff:-

“I am so grateful to Caridon, the support I have received and the care has changed my life, I am now in a position where I’m close to following my dream of being a veterinary nurse”

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