'Tent Man' finally finds a home

20th March 2015

In July 2014 I was left homeless after my occasional shift work as a waiter and paper distributor meant that I lost some of my benefit and could no longer afford to pay my rent. I didn't really understand the benefit system and afraid of getting into trouble I walked away from the tenancy and the property. I had no money for a deposit or an advance and nowhere to go. The only solution I could think of was to buy a little tent and live in that and pitch on the edge of a park. I lived in the tent for 7 months through Christmas and the winter and managed to continue to work whilst being resourceful with regards to personal hygiene and managing ill health. My 'home' was then put at risk when I came back one day to discover a notice left on it telling me to leave. I took my story to the local newspaper and Caridon Property responded to my plight. I was invited to the office whereby the staff welcomed me in and helped me to apply for a deposit and an advance through the council’s emergency funding scheme. With Caridon's excellent working relationship with the council the funding was agreed in a very short space of time and I was offered a brand new self-contained studio flat which I could move into straight away. Caridon staff helped me to make a Housing Benefit claim and gave me items such as plates, cups, pillows, coffee and cornflakes to move in with. It was fantastic -I can’t put into words how overjoyed I was! 

Caridon really cares about the welfare of their tenants -they accept people from all walks of life no matter what has gone on in their past. No problem is too big for them to solve -they always find a solution and they never judge. Single men are very often overlooked as not needing any special help but we are just as much in need of help as anyone else. Caridon acknowledges this and I believe go out of their way to accommodate the single man -something that I was very grateful for.

I have lived in my new home since March and it makeme smile every time I walk thought he front door. I can't believe how lucky I was and wish that I had known about Caridon much sooner. The staff at Caridon has continued to support me with my Housing Benefit claim and I know and I can call them if every I need help. It’s brilliant knowing that this Christmas I will be able to be safe in the warmth of my own home watching the TV and not fending off rats and foxes in the park.

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