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During the time we have worked together, Caridon have been extremely professional and diligent in providing strong housing solutions and tenant welfare. They provide an excellent level of housing support, maintenance and security at relevant property and we have established an excellent working relationship with the management team at Caridon.

Diane Jackson - Procurement Services/Housing & Social Services projects - Brent Council

NextStep is an YMCA project helping individuals and families at risk of homelessness into affordable accommodation. Many of the households that we work with are on a low income and would struggle to meet financial requirements of some landlords even though we can demonstrate that they could meet the rent payments.

We first became involved with Caridon about two years ago and in that time we have successfully placed 7 individuals who were all facing homelessness. It has been a very productive working relationship for both organisations with Caridon providing affordable accomodation and NextStep providing support not only to the individual housed but also to Caridon if they have required it.

When someone approaches NextStep, they are in fear of not having a roof over their head. With the help of Caridon, people are now able to have a home and plan for their future.

Jenny Hawes - Housing Services Manager - YMCA East Surrey

I wanted to express my thanks to you and Caridon for the help you have given my clients over the years.

Caridon has fulfilled a gap in housing needs for some of my most vulnerable clients who do not meet the criteria for priority housing due to the housing crisis.

I had a gentleman in his 50s who had been homeless for many years and due to health difficulties was not able to gain employment. He has lived in his Caridon flat for the last few years and is happy to be in a stable home which meets his needs, with landlords he can contact if he has problems.

I had a client also in his mid 50s who suffered from a range of serious health conditions. He had been sofa-surfing and turned down for housing in spite of using an oxygen tank for his COPD. Caridon were able to offer him a self contained studio flat where he lived with regular visits from his family who cared for him. He has now sadly passed away but was in his own privately rented flat at the time instead of being homeless.

I had another male client in his 50s who was housed by Caridon. He had been waiting to be housed by the council for several years but had low priority. He was finally found a first floor flat by Caridon, but unfortunately he needed a ground floor flat due to his mobility problems. He had a dedicated support worker from Caridon who I worked with to rehouse him. She gave him lots of moral and practical support which continued after he moved and got settled.

Caridon offers a service which is sympathetic to the needs of vulnerable people, and they receive support to access the right benefits, rent in advance, and there is a lot of joint working with other agencies who support vulnerable people. I cannot praise Caridon enough for being there for the people who otherwise would not have anywhere safe to go.

Laura Breadon Reablement Link Support Worker - Age UK Croydon

The Nacro Essex Young People Partnership in the West Quadrant comprises of Harlow, Epping, Laughton and Brentwood areas. We acquired ten bedsit flats from Caridon Property in the Harlow area, and we have been working in partnership with Caridon since August 2018.

At Nacro EYPP, we work with a broad range of young people in our housing services. We are experts in providing accommodation; support and community outreach services to help young people to change their lives, build their resilience and reach their aspirations.

The Essex Young People Partnership came about as a response to the shortfall of housing for young people with support needs and the exclusion for many from accessing privately rented accommodation. Nacro effectively intervenes in the private rented sector to encourage landlords to make accommodation available to individuals whom they may otherwise avoid renting to. Our accommodation includes shared houses, small family properties and flats, and we provide intensive housing management and medium to low-level support for young people who need it.

Since acquiring the bedsits with Caridon, and working closely with you, Nacro has found your properties to meet decent home standards. Caridon deal with communications promptly and efficiently. Caridon's approach compliments Nacre's and has cemented our working relationship. Our young people speak highly of your properties; mainly around how safe they feel being there, because of your on-site security staff and the other daily staff who are available to assist with any issues they may be experiencing.

Nacro EYPP West feels assured that our relationship will continue to grow as we acquire more properties from you on a wider scale.

Sandra Campbell - Team Manager - EYPP West - Nacro

Prisoners Abroad have been working with Caridon Property for a number of years. We have housed many clients through the agency and benefit from the range of locations they manage property in. As a charity we and our clients benefit from the in house housing benefit support that exists at Caridon and the peace of mind that claims are processed. There is a lack of landlords willing to house people claiming benefits and Caridon help fill this gap. We hope to maintain this relationship in the future.

Prisoners Abroad

We have been working with Caridon for the last two years during which they have provided us with 2 blocks of accommodation.

These properties were used in the discharge of our homelessness duty.

They provided a welcoming difference to other providers starting from the development stage with regular updates being provided as to when the property would be ready, opportunity to provide feedback on the development.

Their staff and security management of the blocks remains invaluable to our applicants who are generally being discharged into a new area. The support provided has also been crucial in ensuring our applicants settle into the area, this has been through linking with GP's, Schools, Employment centres and other support services within the local area.

Their service has been invaluable to us.

Antony James-Orekogbe - Housing Register and Regeneration Manager – Havering Council


The joy of being involved with Caridon is in providing real homes for people who genuinely need them - people who have been desperately seeking a place to live. There is a deep and rewarding satisfaction that comes from seeing joy on the face of someone who has finally got somewhere that they can call their own; somewhere they can feel safe, away from the pressures of the street; somewhere warm and cosy where they can cook their own meals, watch TV, be themselves.

The team at Caridon has a sense of pride in their achievement. During my 5 years with them I have watched the company develop and grow from the Founder’s passionate belief in housing the homeless, to the reality of an organisation that does just that. Caridon people are special people. They care about the social service they provide. Despite the difficulties of accommodating those who have addiction, health or mental issues, or who simply have fallen on hard times, they deliver a consistently high standard of housing and associated support. And that standard has been independently assessed as high. Caridon is an award-winning organisation – many times over.

Taking their organisation to the next level is what Caridon is now about. The establishment, more than a year ago, of the not-for-profit Caridon Foundation, is a truly exciting development. Some 200 Caridon residents (and growing) are enrolled on a programme geared towards changing their lives. Professional financial, counselling, training and leisure opportunities are made available to them, designed to return them to the mainstream of society, where they can take their place as responsible members of the community.

As Caridon continues to grow and to use sound business techniques to solve homelessness problems, it is worth remembering that no Caridon homes are funded by the tax-payer. Properties are purchased and developed, let and maintained by the company alone. Capped rents are set by local and national government. Such is the belief of the Company in providing homes for people in real need.

I am proud to be a part of it.

Tweedie Brown CBE Non-Executive Chairman 

They offer a lot of services and I am pleased to be here to learn more about the Caridon. Mario Carrozzo [CEO of the Caridon Group] works very hard in the community and supports the charity, Mind, with me. They are doing a good job.

Councillor Humayun Kabir - Mayor of Croydon

We are so grateful to Sherrelle and Mario for their valuable time and expert input. The attendees all said how helpful it was to have experts who understand their situation and to speak to someone who could give very relevant advice. Some of the young people on the course are not used to thinking ahead and maybe haven’t had adults around them who know the system and can support them into the future, so it is amazing when Legacy can connect them to great people who can really help transform lives.

Shinead Kanu - Enterprise and Employability Coordinator at Legacy

I write to confirm that I have been working with Caridon Property Limited since 2015 as a provider of properties on our private managed leasing scheme and our direct let scheme.

We are currently leasing 47 properties from Caridon on 3 year lease agreements. We receive the highest levels of service that can be expected from a provider. They offer a comprehensive management and tenancy support service, that I have not seen produced by any other provider.

I would highly recommend Caridon based on my experience working with them. The service from this provider is particularly notable for its flexible approach, its personal and individual touch in dealing with the tenants and for dealing with any inevitable issues that may arise in day to day management in an effective and efficient way.

Theo Bonner - Senior Property Negotiator – Lewisham Council

Purley Food Hub is pleased to work alongside the Caridon Group by providing food parcels for its residents going through hard times.

“We enjoy a very good working relationship with the Caridon Group and we are aware that Caridon helps people in need to find accommodation also provides them with ongoing support.

“We have been delighted to received huge donations from Caridon staff and look forward to continue to work closely with Caridon in the future.

Helen Harris - Chair – Management Committee, Purley Food Hub 

I have been working with Caridon Property over the last couple of months and I am very impressed with the service they offer.

The properties that they have available for tenants are new build studios, with all white goods supplied, they are at LHA rate, proving affordable accommodation for all tenants.

They offer a very quick turn around, with some applicants even moving in the same day as the viewing.

I would recommend them to any applicant over the age of 35 or even couples with no dependents, and lone parents with a child under 2.

Simone Bousfield - Relationship Manager -Support Community Solutions - London Borough of Barking & Dagenham

We would delighted to endorse the services of Caridon. We have found the staff to be very helpful and solution focused and working with them has been a pleasure for our team.

The organisation has so far proven to be efficient, responsive and the referral process has been smooth. Issues that arise are dealt with quickly and professionally.

Caridon clearly endorses an ethos of supporting the vulnerable and improving the community. We look forward to continue working with you in the future.

Kerrie Eastman - CEO - Streets2Homes

Our group of young people and Shinead, the manager, have been raving about your [Mario Carrozzo -  CEO of the Caridon Group] contribution to the employability programme this morning! ‘The best contributor we have had by far!’, ‘Everyone was noting down points to take away!’ ‘ A real boost and just what we needed to get our motivation up!’.


David Mellis - Private Sector Partnerships - Onside Youth Zones

Having moved to Stag House around two years ago as private tenants. Caridon have supported my partner, myself and our daughter with the same level of care and support that many of our socially housed friends and neighbours have received.

Around September of last year I experienced a relapse and increase of symptoms related to a prior diagnosis. This meant I had to leave full time work and begin to find something more conducive to recovery. Contacting Luke Watson - with whom I had already established a good rapport - he then put me in touch with Susan Passman. Susan then assisted us through much of the Universal Credit process allowing us to remain housed and support our then one month old daughter.

An unexpected mishap with our claim occurred recently and feeling a very imminent sense of panic I contacted Susan once more. Susan again was exceptionally supportive. Not only in that moment but at various junctures during our reapplication. Particularly in the days before we finally received our first payment.

Indeed it was during this time that Susan introduced me to Sarah Cave and a counselling service that would be provided by Caridon. This like much of the service we have received from Caridon has been indispensable.


David Whittaker - Tenant

We often say” Good Health” to you all, as a toast, to our family and friends, but what does these infamous words really mean, good health ??

We often assume it is all about Hospitals Nurses and Doctors, however much we rely on the National Health Service and I for one still believe it is the greatest gift our country shares with each other, our Health is not determined by this service. We struggle to provide holistic care, and inequalities in health are wider than ever.

To enjoy good Health, this will depend on the food we eat, education, employment, leisure,and where and how we live.

Those of us who have all of the above are likely to be healthy in body and mind, all are so important to who we are how we identify with others, do we belong, have we a HOME.

I have spent most of my adult life working in the public sector as a Nurse or within public service as a politician

Today I feel working alongside my friends within Caridon Foundation I am able to share some of my knowledge but also to continue to learn how vulnerable people should be managed.

I am in awe of all staff who spend their time assisting supporting and enabling people within the Caridon tenants community ,I am in no doubt the continuing support and development demonstrated by the whole Caridon Foundation team are offering Front Line Care that will bring a true meaning of “ Good Health “ to the very talented and diverse tenants, thank you for asking me to be part of your team.

Ann Lloyd Keen - RN NDN FRCN FQNI 

I was in a situation where I had just come out of prison and homeless on the streets from end of August until January '19.. having an unstable life, I had never had no references or money to get my own place from estate agents and council was impossible to get housed, so i spent most of the next 20yrs after leaving school just drifting around.

If it wasn't for Caridon i would almost certainly be still on the streets or back in prison, Caridon have given me the opportunity to try to start a settled life, and try to turn my life around and given me the start I've been trying to get for so many years..

So big thumbs up to Caridon, especially Emma and thanks for giving me a chance to try to bring some stability to my life 

Lee Martin - Tenant

As a housing and homelessness support professional, providing outreach services across West Sussex, it has been a mighty pleasure working with Caridon Property. Emma Lambert has been great at communicating with me about my clients in order to make sure I can support them if needed. Having worked with Caridon for over 2 years we understand each other’s needs and we make sure suitable tenants are housed in their well decorated studio and 1 bedroom flats. Caridon also have an understanding for the client base I support into the private rented world, so they recruit their own staff, who look after their buildings, with experience and knowledge of people in the community who may have had certain struggles. I have been able to work from their offices so I can best support my clients also which has promoted great partnership working between us. We hope to work with Caridon for a long, long time and continue to achieve positive outcomes for tenants together.

Anesta Joseph - Outreach Coordinator - Turning Tides

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